We are a young business which was established in August of the year 2016. Currently, the QUALITY FX team consists of two people. Unlike the standard forex trader image we are no 'from rags to riches' and we are no forex-multimillionaires as 99% of all other traders and mentors of the forex movement (sarkasm alert). To be honest we are two 'quite normal' guys, who do what makes us happy: We run a local medium-sized family company with approximately 35 employees in the west of Germany, which is now in the hands of the third generation. Over there we had our first points of contact with trading forex because our business was buying and selling various currencies to offset currency fluctuations. Of course these transactions were based on a long-term period - months or years - and had nothing to do with the classic forex trading.


Latter, trading forex, we started about 7 years ago and as you can imagine, we made a lot of mistakes. After some initial difficulties - we've been unprofitable for about twelve months - our trading became successful finally. Meanwhile we can make a very good living from beeing CEOs of our business and swing trading forex. On top of that we are investing in other asset classes like classic stocks, exchange traded funds and real estate - but this shouldn't be subject of discussion now. After four years of trading and growing importance of trading in social media, we decided to found QUALITY FX. Personally we'd describe QUALITY FX as an investment community which wants to support like-minded people to become successful forex traders.


In 2016 we started with a classic forex signal service for swing trades - where >180 swing trades and more than 1500 technical setups have been shared for almost exactly 125 customers. At the end of 2017 and the flood of more or less dubious forex signal providers we decided to make a move into another direction and create something more valuable for our customers - the QUALITY FX Academy was born. It was our vision to create a platform which helps average people becoming successful not only in trading forex. In addition to the exisiting 'forex video course' other courses about financial freedom, mindset and personal developement are planned.



Nowadays more and more people get attracted to the financial markets and trading. Media and doubtful ads suggest it is easy earning the big money from trading but most beginners end up with big losses. For this reason our vision is to help all the traders out there with educational resources and lead them to success – instead of learning it the hard way.



With our e-learning courses we equip average people - whether complete beginners or advanced students in the matter of the financial world - with knowledge, help them to be profitable in the financial markets and/or become finanical free in the long run. Of course we always give our best to keep our subscribers happy and try to compile our content with the greatest care. 




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